The mountain village of Pefki, Crete.

Pefki is special. It clings to the side of a mountain, at the end of seven kilometres of hair-pin bends, looking down upon a relatively undeveloped coastline. There is a small well-integrated community of established writers and artists living amongst the locals that have not succeeded in diluting the traditional nature of the village. There are two contrasting centres of social activity, the Orthodox church with its bell and amplified chanting, and the "Piperia" outdoor restaurant situated underneath the branches of an enormous pepper tree; but don't be surprised to see the bearded priest dancing to Piperia's lively bouzouki music on a Sunday evening! There is also quiet. In the grove at the head of the gorge, where the women used to wash their clothes on the stone slabs, one could believe one was in the Garden of Eden.

A short film about the village can be found on YouTube HERE.

See the pictures below, and more information HERE.

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Pefki Seen From Afar
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Adriani's House
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A Back Street
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Main Street!
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Pefki From Below
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Piperia Restaurant
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Outside the Old School
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The View from Piperia
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The Path Down to the Grove